Read Ron De Santis’ Battle Against the Cruise Ship Industry and Vaccine Passports and Vaccination Requirements for Cruises – Full text pdf of court documents

Florida Governor Ron De Santis

The battle is heating up. First Governor De Santis won a preliminary injunction on behalf of Florida on June 18. Then on July 7 the Xavier Becerra on behalf of the federal government was denied a stay of the injunction that Florida won to stop the conditional sailing order (which requires precautions such as vaccinations and tests) from taking effect. In other words the federal government lost that round. Then on July 17, the federal government won a stay of the preliminary injunction in the Eleventh Circuit. Then on June 23, Florida filed an application with Justice Clarence Thomas of the U.S. Supreme Court to vacate the stay by the Eleventh Circuit. Hours after this application was filed the Elevwnth Circuit vacated its stay on the basis that the federal government had not demonstrated that it was entitled to the stay in the first place.

I predict that on Monday, July 26, the federal government will file its own application for a stay with Justice Thomas now that the Eleventh Circuit dissolved its stay.

Full text pdf documents:

Executive Order by Governor De Santis prohibiting tests or vaccinations:

District Court Injunction: FloridaVBecerra-InjunctionAgainstVaccinePassports.pdf (

District Court order denying stay: First-11th-Circuit-Order-staying-district-court-injunction-loss-for-desantis.pdf (

Eleventh Circuit Order granting stay:

Supreme Court Application with Justice Thomas (3 documents):

App. with bates-searchable.pdf (

Microsoft Word – Florida v. Becerra–COS (

Elevnth Circuit Order Vacating Stay:

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