First January 6 Felony Case: Paul Allard Hodgkins sentenced to 8 months – Full pictures and full text pdf documents

Paul Allard Hodgkins (pictured above and pointed to by the red arrow), was sentenced to 8 months on July 19, 2021 for his role in the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. These pictures from the criminal complaint speak for themselves:

According to news reports the sentence was lighter than the 18 months that the government had requested due to acceptance of responsibility and cooperation. Hodgkins was sentenced to 8 months incarceration and 24 months probation afterward. He remains free until his surrender date with an electronic monitoring device. Just like most of the January 6 defendants Hodgkins was released without a bond while the case was pending under the supervision of a local federal probation officer in this case in Tampa, Florida. The full text pdf documents can be found here:

Criminal complaint with the above pictures:


Plea Agreement:

Defendant’s Amended Sentencing Memorandum:

Government Sentencing Memorandum:

Jury Trial Waiver:

Statement of Offense:

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